Yes, there are still people who haven’t played Overwatch. I know this to be true because I am one of those people (gross, get out. – Ed). But Blizzard is not okay with that at all, so they’re inviting everyone try the hugely successful multiplayer shooter for free next weekend on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Looks like we’re basically fresh out of excuses now, may as well give it a bash.

The party starts on 22 September at 20:00 local time and carries on until 25 September, also at 20:00 local time. There’s some bad news though – while the free play weekend is open to all Xbox One and PS4 gamers, Blizzard has warned that PC access is limited to the Americas, Europe, and Asia gameplay regions (except Korea).

You’ll get all 25 playable characters and 16 maps to play around with, and those who fall in love with the game and choose to buy it after the trial weekend will be able to carry all progress earned over into the full game. Details on how to get the free trial set up on your chosen platform and so on are all laid out for you on Blizzard’s Overwatch blog.

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