Fortnite players claim the game secretly features PS4 and Xbox One cross-play

Although it’s a bit murky in terms of being verified actual legit news for now, recent reports that Xbox One and PS4 gamers have been playing with each other on the same Fortnite servers could be a big deal if they’re true.

As Reddit user and PS4 gamer  PRE_-CISION-_explains, he noticed a opponent’s name which included a blank space, something not possible in a PSN username, but possible in Xbox One usernames. Obviously, a number of theories about this popped up, speculating that it was perhaps someone playing the PC version of the game, but some sleuthing proved that the zCypher Nine gamertag only exists on Xbox One. Elsewhere, there’s also another post about another ostensibly impossible username and a post about a dad on his Xbox One playing with his son on his PS4.

Cross-network play has been a subject of some controversy lately, largely because there’s an apparent good guy/bad guy dynamic happening here, with Microsoft being, like, “yeah of course, yay, let’s do it!” and Sony being, like, “ewww, no, gross”.

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