Local indie game Jengo will make its South African debut at rAge

Just back from Gamescom in Germany and still sweating in its leather chaps and nipple caps, Joburg indie studio Robot Wizard’s retro nostalgic click-’em-up Jengo will be playable at rAge next month, with real merch to buy and everything. Naas, bru.

Besides the demo and tees and whatever else, the guys are also looking to cast a voice actor for the game’s protagonist and apocalypse prevention coordinator, Jeff. So, #FindingJeff is a thing now, and you can audition at Robot Wizard’s booth if that’s omg, totally you. According to the press stuff, a script will be provided “but don’t let that stop you going absolutely crazy with your own lines”. Unless you’re PewDiePie, maybe.

Inspired by classic adventure games, Jengo is about a gamer who manages to get stuck inside a classic adventure game, and presumably works it out in the end with a walkthrough copy-pasted from GeoCities. Or not. I dunno, I haven’t even played it.

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