Monster Hunter: World trailer shows off some massive battles

Monster Hunter: World was announced during E3 2017, and it’s a pretty exciting concept. Following its PS2 debut, the acclaimed series has largely found a home on portable systems, with the exception of Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii and Wii U. World will mark the series’ return to PlayStation and its debut for Xbox, and a new trailer has surfaced showing off the world, monsters, and hunting.

Confusingly, the trailer is called “Hunting 101” on the PlayStation channel, but this might be an error. The actual Hunting 101 trailer came out a while ago on Monster Hunter‘s Youtube channel, so this recent video should rather be considered a storyline trailer. Anyway, the trailer shows off some features of the game’s hub area, a frontier town called Astera. Players will embody a hunter of the Research Commission, a group that is surveying and exploring the newly discovered world of the game. This will involve taking quests to hunt monsters, using their body parts to craft new weapons and armour, and taking quests to hunt bigger monsters.

Monster Hunter: World will launch on 26 January 2018, for PS4 and XBO, with a PC release following at an unspecified date. If you’re not hyped enough, the game will also feature up to four player online co-op, and players can train cat minions to be their personal chefs and bodyguards.

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