Look closely, and you’ll start to see games adorned with a neat little “Xbox One X Enhanced” logo chilling in the corner of their box art. It’s unassuming – surprisingly so, considering that it arguably carries the weight of the future of the Xbox brand. With the upgraded console’s release date around the corner, Microsoft has spoken out to clarify just what the logo means.

As it turns out, the requirements for calling a game Xbox One X Enhanced aren’t hard to meet.

“We then have another program called Xbox One X Enhanced which basically just tells consumers that developers have gone back and done work,” explained Xbox Marketing Manager Albert Penello, speaking to TechRadar. “We don’t have a specific requirement for what that work needs to be, but it essentially means that they’ve brought their code up to the latest development kit that runs on Xbox One X, and that they’ve gone back and they’ve done something.”

As has been the mantra since the Xbox One X was first revealed, none of these changes will leave Xbox One or Xbox One S gamers high and dry. All three Xbox One variants will play all the games, it’s just that some will be extra sexy on the new machine.




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