Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is here, and if you’re into fighting games it’s probably already in your download queue or you’ve somehow carted yourself into an actual store to buy it, and now it’s your favourite thing ever. Also you’ll have noticed that it’s got a roster heavy with the big names from both Marvel and Capcom (yet light on fighters who “identify as female” – call the diversity police). But did you know that there are still six fighters waiting in line to join the fun?

Capcom has previously shown off Mega Man antagonist Sigma and Marvel’s Black Panther, and has now finished of the current DLC list with the announcement of Venom, Winter Soldier, Monster Hunter, and Black Widow coming before the end of 2017.

“In addition to the plethora of available teams you can make, you’ll also have a choice of which of the six Infinity Stones you’d like to harness in battle: Power, Time, Space, Reality, Mind, or Soul,” Capcom social media manager Andy Wong explains. “Each Stone comes with their own powers, which can alter the battle entirely. It’s up to you to discover which Stone works best for your team and your specific playstyle.”

That brings the fight card up to an impressive 36, so if you have an intention of mastering all of these characters you’d best take a year’s sabbatical or fake your own death for a bit, get some serious gaming in.


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