It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for the third episode of our exciting series of What’s in the Biggest Prize Box We’ve Ever Given Away, Omg. It’s starting to feel like Game of Thrones each week, but without the dragons and zombies and awkward incest stuff.

Did you miss episodes one and two? No problem, bro.

It’s rAge’s 15th birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving away our biggest prize ever

You want more rAge prizes? You got more rAge prizes!

To stand a chance to win some of these amazing things, make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Or don’t. Up to you, really, but if you don’t sign up for the newsletter, you won’t win anything.

And if you try and scam the system by submitting multiple subscriptions to our newsletter database, we’re just going to delete all of them. We’re not stupid, you know. 


  • No employees of rAge or NAG or any of the contributing companies are allowed to enter.
  • The prize winners will be announced on Friday 13 October 2017.
  • You must be a South African resident.
  • You must be subscribed (and verified) to the NAG newsletter to qualify.
  • Only one subscription per user allowed. We’re checking.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Prizes are not transferable.

Eurasian Entertainment

That’s right kids! An arcade cabinet is going into the prize hamper for rAge. Eurasian Entertainment have done us a solid and put this monster into mix. The other cool thing is that they’ve actually printed custom graphics for it that says rAge and 15th anniversary. Can you handle it? Are you back on your feet? Phew.

Disney Africa

Disney just has all the best brands. There’s Disney, then there’s Marvel, and even Star Wars for the Force’s sake. Who else could they buy to improve on that? Nobody, I tell you! The good folks at Disney Africa have sent us a few hampers full of amazing things. This was one of those prizes that almost didn’t make it out of our own office. Just look at it all.

Incredible Connection

We said hello to Incredible Connection and they said hello back, but their hello was better than ours because theirs included this stunning ASUS gaming notebook (FX753 i7 7700HQ 16 1TB 4GFX 17 for the hardware nerds). You know it’s good because the box is pretty heavy. This is one of the items we’re huddling extra security guards around, primarily to keep our own staff away from it. You could say this notebook made a connection with us that was incredible!


Is there anyone that hasn’t bought something off Steam? Okay, hands up those who haven’t. See, nobody put their hands up (we’re ignoring you). Vumatel know this fact, and have done us a solid by giving us a Steam voucher for R500 to add to the prize hampers. We suspect they want to you use their fibre to download whatever you buy. Very clever. Don’t worry, they won’t ask questions about your… interesting gaming preferences.


Everyone thinks they can code, until they find out it’s just all mathematics, algebra, blood, sweat and tears, and science, and don’t forget heuristic formulations of the code nodes. See only one of those things is made up. We’ll bet you didn’t know that. WeThinkCode_ have given us a voucher for eight hours of coding. What will you do with that? Wait, don’t tell us. That’s how you miss out on making the first ever MMOFPSMOBA with cats and dinosaurs and robots.


It’s a chair. Well spotted. What you didn’t spot however are all the fiddling levers, adjustable padding, even more levers that do other amazing things, the snug fit, and the smoothest ride across the tiles you’ll even go on. Evetech sent us a huge box the other day and this is what came out of it. You really need to sit on (or is that in?) one of these chairs to understand why it’s a must have in any gaming setup. It’s so comfortable it’ll add two frags to your score.

Tune in next week where we find out if Jon Snow will ever figure out that she is actually his, uh, you know.

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