Witness the fitness of The Witness on iOS, at last

Yes, new games show up on the App Store all the time without even a cursory mention from the gaming press, but The Witness is lovely. And it’s (relatively) cheap. It’s out now on iDevices – a neat five years since we first saw evidence of Jonathan Blow’s puzzle-exploration masterpiece running on an iPad.

Thekla Inc. took their time getting it out for mobile devices. In March this year, they posted a job listing looking for people to help push the iPhone and iPad versions out of the door. One of the most highly regarded games of 2016, The Witness managed to rake in around $5 million (R66 million) within a week of launch.

Now that it’s hit Apple devices, the price has been slashed heavily to $9.99 (R132.00) on the US App Store – a symptom of a mobile gaming culture where paying for games at all somehow feels odd. In this case, it’s definitely money well spent. Let’s hope that whatever the creative minds at Thekla Inc. are working on now won’t languish in development for as long as this precious gem did.