Twitter doubles the fun with a new 280-character limit

After years of trying to tell people about the amazing burrito you had for lunch in 140 characters or less, Twitter has announced that they have taken the plunge and doubled your character limit to 280. That’s… character building. Sorry.

Right now the increased character limit is only available for selected accounts, but soon all of us will be able to swear at celebrities, troll Donald Trump, and flirt with cosplay models in a much more eloquent manner. That’s pretty much the only reason to use Twitter, as far as I can tell.

Personally I’m going to miss those quiet evenings lying in bed, basking in the warming glow of my iPhone screen, trying to reword something terribly clever, over and over again, to hit that perfect 140 characters, butchering the English language with reckless abandon in the process. It’s an art form. But at least now with 280 characters to play with we cn all stp spking lk ths.