Are you watching Star Trek: Discovery?

Because you should be. What? No, Star Trek is totally not lame-o (… except Star Trek: Enterprise, maybe), and besides, I told you to watch Stranger Things and Black Mirror, and I know you loved them because they’re amazing shows and so is Star Trek: Discovery, I pinky-promise.

As a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series (the one with Kirk and Spock, and okay, it was also kind of lame-o), this new series boldly goes where no other Star Trek has gone before with the USS Discovery’s “Number One” Michael Burnham, a black female protagonist with a male name, and a provocative, insubordinate badass in a glittery tracksuit. This is definitely the future liberals want. Also, holodecks and food replicators.

Two episodes are already out now on Netflix, with a new one dropping every Monday, and establish a narrative featuring some sort of imminent war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingons – who, entirely without precedent, are actually kind of interesting and sexy now. So that’s intriguing.