Brave the cold with Skyrim’s upcoming Survival Mode

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for (checks date) almost six years, and in that time it’s received thousands of mods. Many of them have taken advantage of the game’s harsh climate to up the difficulty, adding extra realism and survival gameplay. Following Fallout 4‘s example, Bethesda will soon be adding an official Survival Mode to Skyrim Special Edition.

According to the announcement on Bethesda’s website, the update changes how the iconic game plays by adding a range of factors. Given that the land of the Nords is typically covered in snow, cold and warmth management plays a huge role. Players can now suffer health debuffs from the cold, which will eventually lead to death if you don’t dress warmly or stand next to a fire.

Fast travel is now entirely disabled, so you’ll need to travel everywhere by foot or horse. You can still travel by carriage or boat, but you’ll suffer from fatigue, cold, and hunger during the trip. The map below will be essential in this mode, as it shows the different climate zones and where players should aim to rest.

Armour and clothing now has a warmth rating, which will affect how long you can brave the elements. To add to the complications, you’ll also need to eat and rest regularly. Eating raw food runs the risk of you getting food poisoning, which temporarily nullifies the benefits of food. If players don’t rest often, they’ll become fatigued, reducing the effectiveness of potions and the amount of magicka available to cast spells.

You’ll once again need to sleep in a bed to level up, a feature that has been absent from the series for some time. Health regeneration is also out, and you’ll need to rely solely on spells and potions to regain lost health. New diseases are being added, and existing conditions are far more debilitating. In a really neat role-playing touch, players in werewolf or vampire lord form will suffer less from the effects of cold.

The Survival Mode beta is available now for Steam users to opt in to, and it’ll make its way to PS4 and XBO early October.

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