We’re just about ready to wrap up the month of September, so it’s almost time for a fresh batch of free Games with Gold from our pals at Microsoft. Well, they’re not entirely free, given that you need to have an XBL Gold membership, but you get the idea.

The line-up for October is an eclectic bag. We’ve got walking around, we’ve got brain-contorting, first-person puzzles, we’ve got a colourful platformer romp, and we’ve even got a geriatric FPS to remind us just how far shooters have come.

Gone Home (which is really good, if you like wandering around a deserted house à la What Remains of Edith Finch – but with less transforming into a cat or shark) is available all month long, and Bulkhead Interactive’s sleek, clever puzzler The Turing Test joins the party from 16 October.

For Xbox 360 gamers (and backwards compatible on Xbox One), Rayman 3 HD will be available from 1 October to 15 October, when it’ll be replaced by the veteran Medal of Honor: Airborne. Which is ten years old. But I still remember it being a bit of a blast back then, and hey… it’s free.

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