Shenmue 3’s faces are looking a little less terrible in the latest dev update video

Remember how we shrieked with excitement when we heard that Shenmue 3 was an actual thing? Oh, how we rejoiced. And remember how we clawed at our eyes and threw a large bucket of our best swear words at developer Ys Net via Twitter when we saw the frankly shocking facial animations in last month’s trailer? Bloody offensive, that’s what that was. Anyway, things are looking somewhat better now. Somewhat.

In what can only be considered a desperate attempt to, ahem, save face, Ys Net has put together a new development progress video focused on the improvements made to Shenmue 3‘s facial animations. It’s better, for sure, but this is 2017… we have savagely high expectations. In fairness, this is very much a work-in-progress, but we’re still looking at Skyrim-like levels of facial fidelity here. Which would’ve been fine six years ago.

Get it together, Ys Net. Our toxic gamer culture demands better.

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