Dead Rising 4 was fine on release. Just fine. Not “OMG my life is complete!”, not terrible either, just fine. You know it, Capcom knows it. But at least they have been working to make it more than fine – to coincide with the release of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package for PS4, Capcom has announced a raft of tweaks and improvements coming to the Xbox One version as part of a free update landing on 5 December.

The human Maniac enemies are getting a bit of an overhaul, with new unique weapons and improved AI which Capcom says will make confrontations feel “more meaningful and rewarding”, a turn of phrase I’d usually attach more to visiting my gran than to murdering evil psychopaths, but who am I to judge. The other headline addition will be six all-new Distress Call missions, scripted rescue affairs which will score Frank a unique variation of one of his outfits upon completion.

As for the rest, gameplay tweaks will include “improved controller responsiveness, faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more”, according to the official blog. So your basic, garden variety gameplay improvements across the board then. Sounds good.

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