These ultra-limited Assassin’s Creed headphones cost more than your car, probably

When you’re done swan diving into your vault of cash (which, incidentally, would kill you unless you’re a rich cartoon duck), perhaps you’re keen to just kick back and play some games. Perhaps you’ve just dropped the kids off at the Kardashians for a play date, and it’s just you and the wife for the night; but she’s watching the Sex and the City finale again and crying into her jewel-encrusted pillow again. So to drown out the sounds, you slip on a pair of headphones to really immerse yourself in some Assassin’s Creed. Well, these are the headphones for you.

May I introduce the Assassin’s Creed Origins Utopia headphones, crafted out of (presumably, at this price) actual Egyptian sarcophagus gold and bits of real Tutankhamun mummy. Okay, so it’s probably mostly fancy polymers (just plastic that went to private school) and some leather and gold, but these Focus headphones crafted by French jeweller Tournaire will still set you back an astonishing $59,000 (approximately R800,000). The rest of us can pick up the relatively bargain priced Assassin’s Creed: Origins Listen Wireless headphones from the Ubisoft store for a piffling 199 of Her Royal Majesty’s pounds (about R3600)

There are only ten pairs of the Utopia headsets in existence, which is probably a good thing because I prefer to live in a world where there aren’t many more than ten people with the mental disturbance which makes $59,000 headphones sound like money well spent. Rather buy a Rolexus. That’s a Lexus. Filled with Rolexes. Now that’s something I can put my money behind.

[via GamesRadar]
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