Watch somebody beat all 28 Cuphead bosses without taking damage, and accept that you suck at games

With its old timey 1930s cartoon aesthetics, big band jazz glam, and retro-nostalgic run ‘n’ gun elegance, StudioMDHR Entertainment’s Cuphead is definitely something unique in a generation of bro-shooters and unironic dubstep. It’s also hard. Like, Dark Souls Battletoads hard. I couldn’t even finish the first level. I couldn’t even finish watching Gareth finish the first level, because the vicarious frustration made me want to break stuff. But this guy? He makes it look easy. I bet he even managed to complete the jump-dash tutorial in under three minutes.

In the video below, YouTube gamer and expert masochist Aeraloth knocks out every one of the game’s 28 zany bosses without ever losing a hit point, like it’s no big deal or whatever. It’s obviously spells.

Cuphead is out now on PC and Xbox One, with future launches “likely” on Mac and “possibly” on Linux, but not ever on PS4.