Humble Gems Bundle 2 has quite a variety

I’m struggling with an intro for this one. Usually, when I write about a Humble Bundle I make some joke or reference about its theme. But the Humble Gems Bundle 2 doesn’t really have one, it’s just a collection of well received titles that could be considered hidden gems. It’s quite diverse, featuring visual novels, rouge-likes, puzzle games, and indie horror. Wait, wait… it does feature Apotheon, so how about we go with “it’s all Greek to me”? Yeah, that will do.

As always, Humble Bundles allow you to pick up a bunch of games for a low price, with proceeds going to a charity. At the lowest tier, you can get The Count Lucanor, Hustle Cat, and Tattletail for any price. Beating the average gets you Pinstripe, Slayaway Camp, and the aforementioned Apotheon. Paying more than $10 grants you Cryptark, and Has-Been Heroes.

Much the same as previous bundles this past month, the beneficiary is again Action Against Hunger. It’s an organisation that combats the causes and effects of world hunger, but you can also pick another charity if you want.

The Humble Gems Bundle 2 is live until 13 October.