Logitech’s G29 Driving Force is on sale at Makro today

Logitech’s G29 Driving Force is just R3,899 at Makro today. In every possible way that I can muster, I urge anyone looking for a decent racing wheel to get this deal. I loved the G29 when I reviewed it, and the combination of solid build quality, excellent Windows 10 driver support, and great force feedback motors make using it an absolute pleasure. However, its launch price of R4,699 could never be justified, and occasionally I saw it reach up to R5,500.

At R3,899, I reckon there’s no better value-for-money offering locally. It’s the quietest wheel Logitech has ever made, and it could serve as the basis for a great racing station. With official PS4 support, it’s a great fit for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport, and it’ll even work on Linux systems, thanks to constantly improving driver support by the community.