This is the last part of this epic, amazing, and frankly rather good competition, with the total prize pool now sitting at just over R150,000. I always knew the local industry was generous but this has surely taken things too far. You know, like by creating unrealistic expectations for our 20th anniversary.

So, here are the last of the prizes. Please use a bib or paper towel or something to wipe up that drool. It’s disgusting.

Wait, did you miss the first three prize announcements? No problem, bro.

Part I: It’s rAge’s 15th birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving away our biggest prize ever

Part II: You want more rAge prizes? You got more rAge prizes!


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Please note… if you try and scam the system by submitting multiple database subscriptions we’re just going to delete all of them. We’re not dumb you know. We can use science.


  • No employees of rAge or NAG or any of the contributing companies are allowed to enter.
  • The prize winners will be announced on Friday 13 October 2017.
  • You must be a South African resident.
  • You must be subscribed (and verified) to the NAG newsletter to qualify.
  • Only one subscription per user allowed. We’re checking.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Prizes are not transferable.

Monster Energy

This is a monster hamper. This stuff just writes itself, really it does. The guys at Monster Energy (when they’re not showing off that giant truck of theirs or mainlining liquid adrenaline) dropped off this hamper of things. Besides the obvious energy drinks, they’ve also tossed in things you just can’t buy anywhere. In fact we’re drinking Monster right now while trying to squeeze out these descriptive paragraphs. We like Monster, it’s good, okay. See you will too. Okay. Do it. YES! Go, now. [Jeez, enough Monster, guys. – Ed].

Cosmic Comics

The geek friendly cool folks over at Cosmic Comic sent us this, hang on… <cut>, <paste> Street Fighter E. Honda 1:4 scale statue. Just look at this fat (but sexy) man thing statue. We haven’t taken it out the box because of the problem you end up with when tiny polystyrene balls, and bits, and flakes mix with static. It’s impossible to get rid of unless you hold the vacuum on each tiny piece. But then some bits stick to the hose itself. So just admire these product shots, and know that if you win you’ll finally be able to see what’s under his skirt.


We had a crafty plan to trick Plantronics. Every time they called us in the office or on our cell phones, we complained that we couldn’t hear them properly so asked them to switch to a Skype call. Then when we had them on Skype we made sure we used other brands of headsets while talking to them on the screen. We know it grates companies when we use other companies’ products while talking to them about their products. LOL. So now we all have new Plantronics stuff, and they also threw in this epic headset for one of our lucky winners. This trick also works with T-shirts, caps, anything. We always wear a PlayStation shirt when visiting Xbox, and we always wear Xbox caps when visiting PlayStation. Drives them crazy.

Innovation Hub

It may look like a simple piece of paper, but this amazing prize from The Innovation Hub is one of the most valuable items in the prize box. So let’s say you have this “great” idea to make and sell a kind of sticky gel that replaces the standard mouse mat. Just spread it on your desk and wait for it to get hard and then game away. Amazing idea, amazing product (we’re know it’s rubbish but just let it go), but you have no idea how to market it, get it produced or do anything useful when running a business. The Innovation Hub will come to the rescue with their entrepreneurial development support. Now all you need is a good idea that has nothing to do with sticky gel. Get thinking.


Esports is now apparently a thing that went from nothing to everything in a few short years. Part of this explosive growth is thanks to organisations like the ESL doing big things in South Africa. So, besides a big stage, catering, technical, broadcasting, oh, and we got a free lunch too. We also put some pressure on them to give us some phat hawt (yes, these are totally words now) ESL loot. It’s all stuff you can wear. But is putting on a backpack technically wearing it or carrying it? And doesn’t carrying it imply using your hands? Why is life so hard?


It’s no lie when we tell you that we love MSI. In most of our machine you’ll see flashing lights, powerful hardware, and the MSI logo. Did you know that you can even download software that lets you change the colour of the lights on your RAM modules? This might sound overly geeky but you haven’t lived until you’ve mixed the perfect blend of pastel hues to go with your murdering and killing online. They probably knew we were going to fawn over their hardcore hardware so they cleverly sent us these mice, keyboards, and headsets to give away. Thanks, MSI.


These guys just made the deadline. Just. We had to get tough on them, to be honest. But after the threatening phone calls, and rude letters to management we discovered it was our own damn fault for not reading the original email properly. So, sorry to whichever person got fired over this. It’s really our bad. But that’s enough with the long story. ADATA kindly gave us some of these new-fangled SSDs. Hold on tight: The XPG GAMMIX S10 M.2 2280 NVMe 1.2 SSD. Who knows what that all means. It does look sexy. These babies are fast, so fast there’s no more time for making coffee while games load.

And that’s that. See you at rAge. Remember you can see all these prizes for yourself at stand number 11A. Make a left at the main entrance and bask in the glory of what you see. You can also enter the competition at rAge by signing up for the newsletter right there and then.