Gran Turismo Sport is getting a demo next week, but there’s a catch

If racing games are your thing and you’ve got a PlayStation 4 plugged into your television, the imminent arrival of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport should definitely be on your mind right now. To get your motor running before the game hits store shelves later this month Sony Interactive Entertainment is being super cool and giving us a free demo to try before we buy.

Which is awesome and all, but it’s worth pointing out that this generosity is for a limited time only. According to the PlayStation blog, the demo will only be available from 9 October until 12 October. Game progress, including customised vehicles and in-game currency of up to (queue Dr. Evil impression) one million dollars, will be transferable to the full game.

PlayStation Plus subscribers get to pre-load the demo from 7 October and start playing from 12:00am on 9 October, getting the jump on non-subscribers who’ll be able to play from 6pm Pacific Time. The party ends (and presumably your racing car turns into a pumpkin) on 12 October at 8:00am PT. So, just long enough to get a feel for the thing, but not long enough to notice that it’s not as good as Forza 7 (citation needed).