Party like it’s 1984 in Stranger Things: The Game

That’s what the marketing blurb wants you to believe, but actually, this looks more like a Super Nintendo game, and the Super Nintendo didn’t launch until 1990. In 1984, kids were playing games on the Atari 5200 or ColecoVision or maybe even a Magnavox Odyssey if you were a lame-o and didn’t get something better for Christmas and nobody wants to play Pick Axe Pete with you, nerd.


Just in time for the second season premiere later this month, Netflix and BonusXP, Inc. have inserted the Stranger Things: The Game cartridge into the App Store and Google Play. It’s a sort of retro-nostalgic action-adventure RPG mix, featuring characters and locations from the show, more than 30 missions to complete, and collectible Eggo waffles and VHS tapes (obviously). It’s also free with no in-app purchases, so that’s totally radical, no duh.

“Add characters to your party. Solve puzzles using their unique abilities. Lucas can nail things from afar with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has a whole bag of bats to swing. Punch your way to answers with Hopper, who’s also not afraid to don his dashing yellow haz mat suit for a little Upside Down action,” sez the press stuff, like Barb doesn’t even matter. Poor Barb.

The next season of Stranger Things slithers out of the walls on 27 October.