Previously PlayStation-exclusive Destiny expansion content is out on Xbox at last

Just in time for no one to really even notice, the missing content for The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansions for Bungie’s shared-world shooter Destiny has been released from its PlayStation exclusivity. It’s a little like giving an adrenaline shot to a very dead person though, isn’t it?

Is anyone still playing the original Destiny? You know there’s a sequel, right? And Tarryn used words like “extraordinary” and “unparalleled” in her review, so it’s clearly lovely. Regardless, Xbox gamers who are still bashing away at the original – and who scooped up The Taken King and Rise of Iron DLC – will now have access to quite a bit that was being held hostage by the exclusivity deal.

From The Taken King:

  • Jade Rabbit, an exotic scout rifle
  • Zen Meteor, an exotic sniper rifle
  • Sector 618, a Crucible map set on Earth
  • Echo Chamber, a strike on Venus
  • Sublime Engram armor sets for each of the three classes
  • “Fight Fire with Fire” quest from Petra Venj

And from Rise of Iron:

  • Icarus, a Crucible map set on Mercury
  • Iron Camelot armor for all classes from Dusty Iron Engrams
  • “Show of Strength” quest from Tyra Karn

If you are still playing Destiny, or you tired of it before The Taken King DLC showed up, it’s worth noting that it was with that expansion that the original really found its stride, particularly regarding storytelling, so you might consider revisiting it.

Via Polygon.