Master Chief is inside your Xbox One X and he’s riding a scorpion

File this one under “cute”. Mexico-based Unocero spent some time at the Microsoft campus recently, and discovered something hidden inside the Xbox One X (besides all that fire-breathing hardware) – a little Master Chief, riding a scorpion, etched into an open space on the console’s main board.

You’ll have to forward to around 13 minutes in for the relevant bits. It’s a neat tribute to the guy who shifted millions of Xbox consoles, and a nod to the Xbox One X codename, Project Scorpio. This isn’t the first time we’ve had the Master Chief chilling inside an Xbox One, as you’ll recall he was spotted engraved inside the Xbox One S. His placement is far more prominent this time, but you’ll still need to get your toolbox out if you want to see it.

Clever easter egg? More like a terribly cute way to lure gamers into voiding their warranties, if you’re a cynic like me. Just take our word for it, and leave him be.

Via VG247.