Skyrim’s Survival Mode is free right now, but not for long

I know we just covered the Skyrim Survival Mode story a week ago, so you might think I’m wasting your time here, but listen to me for a moment… this is important. Bethesda has launched the hardcore survival mode for Skyrim: Special Edition, but if you don’t want to pay for it then you have a very limited time to Khajit before they put a price on it.

Khajit? Come on, that was clever. If you don’t get it then that’s because you don’t play Skyrim, in which case it’s only your own time you’re wasting here anyway.

As I was saying, this intense new way of playing Skyrim has been made available now as part of the Creation Club launch, and while it’s yours to download right away for no moneys at all, that generosity ends on 10 October. There’s other stuff on the Creation Club already waiting to cleave your money from your pocket – weapons and pointy hats and so on I imagine, I haven’t visited myself out of fear that I might be roped into buying more Nordic negligé for my buxom battle-mage.

Via GameSpot.