Call of Duty: WWII leak spoils everything, if you’re into that

Ahead of the game’s launch next month, an (inevitable?) Call of Duty: WWII leak has revealed previously classified intel about the new Nazi Zombies mode, loot boxes, weapons, perks, maps, free expansion, everything. Except I made up the “free expansion” thing for lolz.

Spoiler warning. Obviously.

Reddit user and counter-intelligence agent that232guy datamined the PC files of the recent beta, excavating details about the Nazi Zombies mode, like the “Final Reich” map, player classes, mods, and “Zombie Crate” consumables. There’s a lot of stuff, but the addition of the now genre-obligatory loot boxes is doubtless very exciting and whatever.

Elsewhere, other Reddit user rTwGNaywaoaLh has dropped a multiplayer info-bomb, including maps and objectives for the game’s new War mode, and in a separate post, everything you want to know about scorestreaks, camos, emotes, the new Headquarters features, and Theater mode.

Obviously, as these things were pulled from a beta build of the game, some of them might not actually make into into the release version so adjust your love/hate-o-meters accordingly.

Game’s out on 3 November.