There’s a new Destiny 2 multiplayer map incoming

Destiny 2‘s first Iron Banner multiplayer event kicks off soon, and Bungie has announced that they’ll be adding a new Crucible map to the mix along with it. It’s called Distant Shore. It’s distant. And shore-y. And somewhat familiar.

The new map will be available in all playlists once the Iron Banner event comes to an end.

Players of the original Destiny will probably feel a bit nostalgic here, as Distant Shores definitely has more than a bit of a Shores of Time vibe about it. You may think that smacks of lazy design, but Shores of Time was a pretty good map, despite some Control balancing issues. But we shouldn’t complain – at least it’s not based on Thieves’ Den. That map was sheer misery, if you ask me.

Iron Banner runs from 10-17 October, so this one should be popping up in your regular playlists from the 17th onwards.