More than 25 years later, there’s a proper Star Control II sequel in development

I know what you’re thinking. “But Tarryn,” you’re thinking. “What about Star Control III?”

Here’s the thing, though. The first two Star Control games were developed by Toys for Bob, a studio founded in 1989 by Paul Reiche III, Fred Ford, and Terry Falls. But Star Control III was developed by Legend Entertainment, a company hired by publisher Accolade because the guys at Toys for Bob wanted a budget that would actually pay them enough to buy food. So that’s why Star Control III doesn’t even count.

Now, according to an update on their blog, original creators Reiche and Ford are working on a new Star Control II sequel, Ghosts of the Precursors (but not Star Control: Ghosts of the Precursors, because Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire developer Stardock acquired the franchise rights from Atari in 2013 and is busy with its own game, Star Control: Origins, so that’s kind of awkward but whatever). It’s apparently “early, early in development”, but will definitely include all of the series’ idiosyncratic aliens-with-legit-alien-names like Mmrnmhrm and Chmmr.

If you missed the split-screen Super Melee mode hilarity (and inevitable humiliation, if you’re me) of the original Star Control II, the open-source, fan-made Ur-Quan Masters is free and even features online multiplayer. The future is nice like that.