The Xbox One X will not include a free Kinect adapter, and some people are unimpressed

That very expensive paper weight you got with your original Xbox One – you know, the one with the camera array, and the dust, and the shame – is going to be even less useful when you buy your Xbox One X. Microsoft has quietly confirmed you won’t even be able to plug the thing into your new console, or at least not for free.

Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg replied to a curious gamer on Twitter (who clearly enjoys things like Dance Central or Ultimate Kinect Petting Zoo more than the rest of us) regarding the inclusion of a Kinect adapter with the new machine.

A quick glance at the comments on that tweet will show you that there are still some people who care about their Kinect, and they are pissed. I guess it is a bit rich – pushing the hardware so hard at launch, then killing it off, and then making the people who fell for their marketing now pay extra for an adapter, should they want to actually use it.