There’s a lot of evil within the Evil Within 2 launch trailer

Severed heads. Fleshy spider monsters. Sewers brimming with blood. Or maybe it’s vomit, I don’t know. I don’t want to know. But this is definitely why having kids is bad for you.

“In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian Castellanos must once again confront unspeakable horrors within the nightmare born from the infamous STEM,” says the press stuff. “This time, however, Sebastian’s mission is personal: He’s searching for his daughter Lily, who he thought he had lost many years ago, and it’s now a race against time as the world crumbles around him. Sebastian must rescue Lily before everything falls apart and they are both lost in STEM.”

Like I said, don’t have kids. Or none of this would’ve even happened, Sebastian.

Anyway, the trailer. It’s probably NSFW. There’s some swears. And, you know, severed heads, fleshy spider monsters, and sewers brimming with blood or vomit or soup. I suppose it could be soup. Whatever it is, though, your colleagues might think you’re a bit… off.

Game’s out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Friday.

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