Need for Speed: Payback has a new story trailer, and it’s pretty racy

Need for Speed: Payback, the first Need for Speed since Need for Speed (try to keep up), is building quite a following in the lead-up to its 10 November release. With just under a month to go, EA is showing off the over-the-top action we’re to expect from the game’s single-player experience with a new story trailer. How many cars doing explosive barrel rolls through the air can someone cram into a single trailer? A lot, apparently.

It’s all looking very fast, isn’t it? And rather furious too!

I only just realised that they’ve ditched the live action idea from Need for Speed (the one from 2015) for the cutscenes and character work. I quite enjoyed the cheesy acting and street racer culture stereotypes they had going back then. We’ll see if Payback does as well to capture the cheesiness that we’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed brand.