If you’ve been anxiously waiting to see what happens next in Deck Nine’s Life is Strange: Before the Storm, you’ll probably be happy to know you don’t have much longer to find out. Square Enix has revealed that the second episode in the intriguing teen angst simulator will be out on 19 October, continuing Chloe’s story as she struggles with, well, everything. She’s a teenager, you see.

There’s a new trailer too, which shows off some of the pretty intense interpersonal confrontations and general drama that we’ve come to expect from Life is Strange. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m glad they dropped the supernatural time-bending of the original game – to me it detracted from the experience.

The trailer also shows off the Deluxe Edition, which includes the full season, a bonus episode, outfit pack and Mixtape Mode, which (and I’m guessing here) probably focuses on Chloe embarrassing herself by making tapes of terrible Boys II Men and Celine Dion tracks and giving them to her significant others.