So, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was supposed to launch on Thursday, buuuuut now it’s not because history needs some more time to repeat itself. Wololo.

“The challenge of re-releasing a classic is just that: it’s a classic and it deserves to be treated with careful reverence. At the same time, in a living, thriving genre, norms continually evolve, technology advances, and player expectations change. This is as true for RTS as for any other genre,” the development team at Forgotten Empires explains in an update on the game’s website. “So, the challenge is to recreate the experience not as it actually was but as we all remember it. How can we modernize the game while preserving the fun, discovery and magic of that first experience?”

Whether or not that includes loot boxes remains a matter of speculation for the moment, but as part of this process, the game apparently requires much more “in-depth testing”. To help with this, though, the studio is also inviting “thousands more players from the community” into the game’s ongoing closed beta between now and whenever it launches, so you can sign up for that in the meantime.



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