Crazy Justice will play nicely with others (except for PS4)

Struggling to get your game funded? Here’s a cracking idea: take advantage of everyone’s insatiable interest in the whole cross-platform play thing, wait for Xbox people to notice, tweet about it, and then watch the cash come in. At least, that’s the angle that Black Riddles Studios has gone with for the upcoming Crazy Justice, now confirmed for cross-play between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

Crazy Justice, a cel shaded, steampunky, third-person shooter currently sitting comfortably at just over 90% of its Fig crowdfunding target, will join high profile titles Minecraft and Rocket League in the cross-play arena, something which is bound to pull a lot of attention. It’s a hot topic these days, mainly due to Sony’s unwillingness to play along. Xbox boss Phil Spencer clearly thought the news was important enough to retweet.

I wish I knew where that crowdfunder was sitting before the cross-play announcement, but the amount of coverage Crazy Justice is receiving now can only be good for Black Riddles Studios. The game has an interesting look to it, although they lost me at “customisable skill decks”. Cliché much? So much.