The ASTRO A20 is Logitech’s first ASTRO-designed headset

In a surprise July 2017 announcement, Logitech bought ASTRO Gaming, an up-and-coming gaming brand that made some really great peripherals. At the time, Logitech said that ASTRO would retain autonomy to create and produce products in the future, but they would be sold under the new “Logitech ASTRO” brand. Logitech and ASTRO have now announced the ASTRO A20, the first product released under the new partnership.

The A20 is the successor to the ASTRO A10, a wireless headset designed for gamers that was cross-platform compatible. The overall design is similar to the A10 series, but the design is more purposeful and straightened out, and looks more utilitarian. Green is for Xbox, blue is for PlayStation, but the A20 family is also compatible with Windows 10 PCs and Apple MacOS operating systems. It’s not compatible with mobile phones, as the A20 uses a powered base station to transmit the audio wirelessly.

ASTRO promises up to 15 hours plus battery life, 40mm drivers, Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic Ready compatibility, and lag-free performance. ASTRO says the A20 family is available now from their website and will be retailing overseas for $149.99, with skinned Call of Duty-branded versions selling for $159.99.

Source: TechpowerUp