An Xbox One X enhanced Halo: The Master Chief Edition will be with us next year

343 Industries is going to take another swing at Halo: The Master Chief Edition, bringing the shooter omnibus to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X with unspecified enhancements. During a community livestream, the developer revealed that we will be seeing the Master Chief in all his 4K glory sometime in 2018.

Besides the enhancements afforded by the power of the Xbox One X, the 2018 re-release will focus heavily on fixing the numerous issues which plagued the original collection. To try to avoid a repeat of that dumpster fire of a launch, they will be running a “public flighting program”, a system to work through issues and get it all nicely patched up in time for release.

They (in)famously botched the launch of the original compendium back in 2014, tried to mend it a few times, and then seemed to have given up mid-2015. The news of a fully patched-up Xbox One X edition will be good news for Halo fans, assuming they do good on their promises to fix this one properly before it’s out of the gate.

Via Ars Technica.