Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will soon have an endless version of the Shadow Wars

Those of you who’ve battled through to the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War end-game siege ’em up, The Shadow Wars, and really (no, I mean, like, really) enjoyed that bit, might be excited about Monolith’s latest news: endless fort defence is on its way as part of the first season pass content drop.

Apparently people have been begging for non-stop orc-based tower defence gaming (presumably people who love the grind), so Monolith’s Michael de Plater brought it up in a recent livestream. I think it’s Michael de Plater in that video above? He’s so little in the corner, and my eyes, my eyes are so bad. If you’re looking for the relevant bit, it’s right near the end, somewhere around the 1:54 point.

Infinite Shadow Wars will be coming along with the Slaughter Tribe Nemesis DLC, and while we don’t have an actual release date yet, de Plater says it’s “coming very quickly”. Is that even proper English? Does it even matter?

It all sounds a bit like something out of Dante’s Inferno‘s nine circles of hell to me, but hey, who am I to judge. If you’re keen to battle Uruk-hai until you’re bleeding from the eyes, that’s your burden not mine. All orc and no play makes Talion a dull boy, what?


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