Don’t hold your breath for a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sequel

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems like a license to print money, and is still nowhere near hitting that feared gamer-fatigue moment (except for Chris – he’s clearly had enough). Just don’t expect a sequel any time soon. And that’s coming straight from the man behind the phenomenon: Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene was asked about a possible follow-up to the battle royale hit, and he didn’t mince words.

“Oh no,” said Greene, who recently spoke to IGN. “We’re building this game as a service. We’ll still have the boxed copy that you buy. We still want to polish and refine. Add more maps, add more assets, and continually refine the gameplay and optimise as we go forward.”

He also seems genuinely excited about the upcoming Xbox One release of PUBG – but hey, with the (undisclosed) amount of cash that Microsoft has poured down his jumper, that’s not surprising.

“Games as a service” has now become such a big thing that it’s even got its own acronym. Yeah, we’re calling it GAAS now. And according to the latest reports, it’s where all the money is. What this will mean for the future of PUBG remains to be seen, but I’m sure we’ll be cracking open loot boxes in the game before you know it.