The Gears of War 4 October update is live, bringing along with it the Fuel Depot and Lift Apex maps, the final two maps after a year of solid fan service. Along with those maps, the latest update also includes Halloween Event things, and some hard drive-devouring Xbox One X Enhanced content.

Those planning on coughing up the cash for a fancy new Xbox One X will now be able to pre-load the 4K data that will be part of the upcoming Gears of War 4 Xbox One X enhancements. That’s nice of them, innit? And it means that once your new console is plugged into your TV you won’t have to wait infinity hours to kill Swarm or Locust or whatever they are called these days in oh-so-tasty 4K.

The new maps are fine too, more of the same, I guess. Control some points, scratch some grubs, throw some frags in the hole. You know the drill. Check them out in detail in the trailer above. If you’re into Halloween trinkets, The Coalition says that the Halloween Extravaganza – kicking off on 27 October – will add Pumpkin Heads and Phantom Dodgeball, as well as “a few extra surprises”.

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