Microsoft has been very busy with backwards compatibility on the Xbox One platform. They first introduced the feature for Xbox 360 games in 2015, something that very few people in the industry expected them to achieve. It wasn’t just the software hurdles that made doing it impressive, but it was also the way in which they crossed the hardware gap, allowing the x86 architecture to emulate PowerPC in near real-time with flawless performance. It’s something that Sony hasn’t managed to crack despite the PS4 being a lot faster than the PS3.

At E3 in June, the company promised that they’d be giving original Xbox games the same treatment, and have been working behind the scenes to make porting over their old library to the Xbox One platform. A recent leak has now revealed which games they’ll be launching with the service, and it’s the same small start that we saw with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Well-known Microsoft leaker “Walking Cat” showed off this image on his Twitter account of games coming first to Xbox One in the first wave of original games from the Xbox platform. He didn’t say much else, though the idea is that these titles will be available to gamers purchasing them on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft may have also figured out a way to allow owners of these games on disc to download the ported versions of these games to their consoles, which is what they did to encourage use of the feature for Xbox 360 owners moving to the Xbox One.

The titles rumoured to re-launch alongside the Xbox One X are:

  • Bloodrayne 2
  • Dead to Rights
  • Fuzion Frenzy
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  • Neowave: The King of Fighters
  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • Pirates!
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Psychonauts
  • Red Faction II
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It’s a decent list. A lot of these titles did not receive a remaster on newer consoles, and only PC owners have been able to re-play and revisit them with better hardware to run them. Ninja Gaiden Black is going to be very popular, I expect, along with new gamers discovering KOTOR for the first time.

The Xbox One X launches on 25 December 2017 at a discounted price of R7,499.

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