Hori’s mouse and keyboard combo is on its way to Xbox One

Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One is coming soon. No, wait, I’m being so seriously, you guys. This isn’t like that time, or that other time… this time it’s really got to be around the corner, because HORI has a combo on the way for Microsoft’s console, and it looks damn cool, I reckon.

The HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro One, besides sounding like an aircraft carrier named by Donald Trump, is a proper bit of kit – licensed by Microsoft, it’s got customisable sensitivity and key settings, a Snipe button, ADS lock, an LED-backlit keyboard and “gaming grade” mouse, according to the Amazon product listing. Oh, and it’s Windows-compatible too.

As you’ll have noticed from the header image here, this is a keyboard as seen through the eyes of an FPS gamer. Which means it has bugger-all buttons beyond those needed for action gaming. Put it this way: you won’t be typing long love letters to your sweetheart on this thing. It looks top class though, doesn’t it? You may recognise the design from HORI’s black PlayStation version of the same thing. But in white.

So, who’s in? I don’t know if it will be getting an official release in South Africa, but both Takealot and Raru carry quite a bit of HORI stock, so we may see it here after all.