Lego Dimensions has gone to the big toy box in the sky

Hear that? That faint, fearful chattering sound, like a million plastic figurines huddled together in the dark? That’s the sound of the last few remaining “toys-to-life” concepts still clinging on, now that LEGO Dimensions has gone the way of Disney Infinity, in that they are both now dead.

It’s sad, if you ask me. I was a big Disney Infinity fan – I couldn’t care a damn about the games, but the figurines had me hooked… I’ve got a shelf full of the things – and I was just thinking about getting into LEGO Dimensions now that Infinity figures are nigh on impossible to find these days. And then they just kill it off, like when your favourite soap character suddenly falls down a fucking elevator shaft.

The shuttering of Disney Infinity was sad, because the concept was still raking in money, just not enough to satisfy the suits over at Disney HQ. LEGO Dimensions probably died for similar reasons, in this case also largely due to huge operating costs involved with setting up limited production runs of custom LEGO figures. The demise isn’t entirely unexpected, by the way, it just happened a year earlier than expected.

Disney Infinity – dead. LEGO Dimensions – dead. Stupid Skylanders – still alive. Is there no justice in the world? Oh, and Nintendo’s amiibos are probably quaking in their boots, too.