Animal Crossing is going free range with Pocket Camp for mobile devices

Nintendo is really easing into the free-to-play mobile market. Like, easing like one would ease into a hot bath. Slow, like. But with purpose. Next up on the mictrotransaction-fueled money-machine schedule is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and it’s coming to iOS and Android towards the end of November.

This time you are put in charge of building up a bustling camp ground for all your furry pals. As is the Animal Crossing way, this mobile version is all about crafting, decorating, gathering, and doing favours for animals. And cuteness. Oh, so much cuteness. As sweet as a big, caramel elephant.

It’s free, obviously. After how we threw our toys when Nintendo charged a flat rate for Super Mario Run, I don’t Nintendo will risk that roasting again. No, we like our mobile games free. And then we like to pay far more than a standard once-off purchase price, over time, as we buy bundles of wood and swing chairs and little umbrellas via another charmingly devious microtransaction system. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp uses cute little Leaf Tickets to drain your credit card, but obviously you don’t have to spend real money. You can also grind yourself into a coma. There’s always that.

I’m being harsh. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does look like it will be a perfect fit for mobile, and as I said, it’s really cute. I’ll probably end up giving it a go, myself, but purely for research purposes, of course.