You can now send people in-game items as gifts via Blizzard’s app

When Blizzard’s app arrived, we all agreed with Tarryn – “besides stalking and talking, there’s not much else you can do with it”. But now, the app has a redeeming feature for those with a giving heart. Yes, it’s all about the new gifting function, allowing you to send Blizzard-related digital goodies to your friends.

According to the official Blizzard site, it seems that just about anything you can buy in-game within supported titles can now be sent to your friends instead – we’re talking Hearthstone card packs, we’re talking Overwatch loot boxes, we’re talking World of Warcraft mounts… we’re talking that sort of thing. Hey, ’tis (almost) the season to be giving, right?

The app only landed late last month, so it understandably has some way to go before anyone will consider it a must-have, but at least the Blizzard people are working on it.