de Blob is coming to Xbox One and PS4 to paint the town red

…ok, not just red. A lot of colours, like one of those trendy colour-run events where hipsters throw paint powder all over one another as they skip along maple tree-lined city streets. Which is a recipe for future respiratory complications, if you ask me. But I digress.

The reason we’re gathered here today is to put the word out that quirky paint-puzzle-plaformer de Blob is on its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

THQ Nordic has announced that port powerhouse BlitWorks is giving de Blob a fresh coat of paint (I’m so sorry). They’re the same team responsible for the PC version which surprised us earlier this year. In its original Wii form, de Blob was a bit of a fan favourite and critical success – more so than its sequel which showed up in 2011.

If you missed the original, it’s all about being a colourful little character, stuck in colour-drained Chroma City… a metaphor for my life, if ever there was one. de Blob splashes onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 17 November, and while no-one has confirmed what upgrades these new versions will bring, we assume it’ll be at least in line with the recent PC version.

[via Eurogamer]