AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box review

Deciding on a gaming notebook that suits you can be tricky, and for most of us it’s a compromise of either size/weight versus performance, along with pricing of course. I’ve always opted for a work-oriented notebook solution that has integrated graphics, but with the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box I can now connect it to my work notebook (which, bear in mind, you’ll need a notebook that features Thunderbolt 3 support to do), and am instantly able to play all of my favourite games.

Technical specifications

GPU: GeForce GTX 1070

GPU clock: 1,746Mhz

Memory clock: 8,008Mhz

Memory: 8GB GDDR5

Max resolution: 7680×4320

Number of simultaneous displays: 4

Dimensions: 212mm X 96mm X 162mm

Weight: 2.3kg

PSU: 450W

Price and supplier information
Supplier: AORUS
RRP: R8,999

I reviewed the Gaming Box using my super lightweight 1.1kg Toshiba Portégé X20W-D-10W notebook (a mouthful, I know). How amazeballs was my experience, you ask? Well, it’s pretty superb – enough so that I’ve decided to make this my permanent setup. I can’t stress enough how much I love the fact that I’m able to run any of the latest games on a notebook that’s essentially an ultra-portable office workhorse.

The plug-and-play AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box also boasts three USB 3.0 ports, and includes quick-charge support for your phone. It comes complete with a built-in, factory overclocked GTX 1070 graphics card, which sports DisplayPort, HDMI and two dual-link DVI ports that’ll let you use multiple displays. The USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 connector charges your notebook while simultaneously providing lightning-fast data transfers of up to 40GB/s.

Playing PUBG with the graphics settings on ultra, I never saw the frame rate dip below 30, even in instances that would bring most machines to their knees. A quick test using Formula 1 2017 with all the settings maxed out yielded an impressive average frame rate of 52.

Does this mean that from here on out I’ll be shunning dedicated gaming machines? Not at all – what I’m saying is that with the Gaming Box, you’re able to get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to game during boardroom meetings, at your desk, and at home. You’ll be able to play PUBG in between working on a hardcore presentation to impress your boss, all using just your standard work-issue notebook. Heck, I think the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box would even work on a banana – so long as your banana comes equipped with USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3.

8.5If you have a notebook with a Thunderbolt 3 port and would like to play the latest games, or if your desktop PC is showing signs of rigor mortis, you should consider the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box. Here’s the cherry on top: it’s VR-capable, so if you’re upgrading to specifically play VR, look no further.