Canal Walk’s Gaming Expo is happening as we speak in the Mother City

You’re probably all still reeling from the magic of rAge 2017, but if you’re in the Cape Town area, may I point out that there’s a little expo going on down this side too: the Canal Walk Gaming Expo, put together by BT Games and Good Hope FM.

It’s actually been happening since Tuesday, but most of the cool stuff starts today (except for the first Just Dance competition – that happened yesterday, so you’ve missed it).

Obviously this is a more intimate (read: small) affair than what rAge visitors will be used to, but there’s still quite a bit happening here. Besides some impressive specials on games and consoles (we’ll get to that in a moment), they’ll be dangling gaming merch and collectables in front of your wallet, and you’ll be able to take Gran Turismo Sport for a spin via PlayStation VR, which should be neat. Or nausea-inducing. Only time will tell!

The Football Tournament (as it’s so purposely vaguely titled on both the Canal Walk and BT Games sites) kicks off today, with the finals on Sunday, and has an impressive first prize of R10,000 and a PS4 Pro. Oh, and I spoke to a guy from BT Games who confirmed that it is indeed a FIFA tournament. Perhaps some kind of licensing issues are behind all correspondence on the issue being very careful to just call it a Football Tournament even when people on Facebook have been, like, “When’s the FIFA thing?”

There’s also a Forza 7 tournament, the winner of which gets a “fun prize”, and a wildcard entry into the semi-finals of the Forza 7 National Competition, where you could win an Xbox One X and a R5,000 BT Games voucher. There’s cosplay too, with quite a few Canal Walk Gift Cards to be won, so here’s your chance to take your Halloween outfit for a test run.

In terms of deals on games and so on, there’s quite a lot going on. I’m not going to delve into all the details, but if there’s one deal that needs special mention it’s this one: an Xbox One S console (500GB), plus FIFA 18 and Forza 7, for R3,999.90. I reckon that’s a pretty special special. Forza fans can also pick up a copy of Forza 7 with a free Porsche scale model for R799.90.

I get a kickback on any purchases you guys make, so get to it. Psyche, that was a joke. I don’t get a cent. I totally should though.

For the full expo schedule and a breakdown of all the deals available, here’s a link. I’ll be there tomorrow evening, come say hi.

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