A new Whatsapp update will let you delete that text you sent because you were drunk and you totally didn’t mean to tell Britney that Tiffany said Ashley looks fat in that photo, omg, even though it’s technically true but don’t tell her that

Because you only meant to tell Becky, but what if Amy finds out because she’ll totally kill you, omg, because she totally kissed Lindsay’s boyfriend last weekend at the party, but you’re not supposed to tell anybody and now everybody’s gonna be so mad at you because you totally can’t even keep a secret. Omg.

The thing is, you’ve only got seven minutes to delete it, so it probably doesn’t even matter because Kelly already told her anyway.

Coming to Whatsapp on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, the new feature will be available to use in both individual and group texts, replacing your awkward mistakes with a somewhat questionable but definitely not incriminating “This message was deleted”.

According to the app’s FAQ, both you and the recipient(s) of your text must be using the latest version for this feature to work, and that they “may see your message before it’s deleted or if deletion was not successful” so maybe sort out a contingency plan for that too. “Omg, Cindy totally stole my phone, lol” works, except when it doesn’t.