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Greetings NAGilkians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This one is already playing footsie with deadlines so I’ll skip the summary, and just inform you that if you’re new here this is a look at all the highlights from the last week – both the things we covered and the things we didn’t. There’s also plenty of videos and pictures for those who are more, er, visually inclined. Catch up on all the latest gaming gossip, after the jump.

Brutal Doom adds night vision rocket launcher and revamps online multiplayer

Brutal Doom is, quite literally, the definitive and best way to play Doom 1 in 2017. The fan-made mod ups the gore considerably, and adds plenty of things you just want to see in a modern day FPS, like a 3x night vision scope on your rocket launcher.

If you’re about to ask why anyone would still be playing Doom 1, let me stop you right there – because it’s awesome. If you’ve never been down the rabbit hole that is Doom 1 mods in present day, I highly recommend it. There’s a LOT of content out there, and it’s still a pretty massive and active community.

As for the multiplayer, it’s adding offline deathmatch with bots along with 10 new levels – some of them updated versions of classic Doom arenas. They’re also making tweaks to weapon balance, because yes this mod of the original Doom has an active online multiplayer deathmatch that actually cares about weapon balance. Seriously, check it out.\

Indie online competitive fighter punch planet coming to Early Access next month

The fighting game space is pretty well populated. It’s a tough market to break into, but this 2D indie effort from a three-man team (which includes a Double Fine designer) has piqued my interest.

The game sets itself apart with some unique “time cancelling” mechanics, which uses energy but allos you to cancel attacks and dashes, blocking enemy moves. It has all the usual moves you’d expect from a competitive fighter, but the mechanics seem to run fairly deep.

On top of this is a futuristic sci-fi art direction and some very fluid looking animations, the latter of which is a must for any fighter worth its salt.

The Early Access will have four playable characters, with local 1v1 and online multiplayer. If you’re into competitive fighting games, this one may be worth a look.

Final Fantasy 15 on PC accessible to the common man

It may be one of the biggest RPG franchises of all time, but that doesn’t mean Square Enix has forgotten that in these trying economic times, many of us are stuck on potato PCs.

While the game will look absolutely badass on a high-end rig, you can manage a playable experience on GTX 760, i5-2400 and 8GB of RAM.

Recommended specs are a GTX 1060, i7-3770 and 16GB of RAM, a bit more out of reach for some.

If you were hoping to run it on your mom’s laptop with integrated graphics, get outta here.

As for the max-ers out there, a GTX 1080 Ti couldn’t manage 60fps at 4K with all the settings cranked up. But everyone knows our eyes can’t see past 30fps anyway (Kappa).

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus performance across consoles

Alright, enough of all this PC talk my bias is showing. Let’s look at the new Wolfenstein, and how absolutely freaking beautiful it’s looking on consoles.

Built on id Tech Engine 6, the improvements over The New Order (built on 5) are obvious. The upgrade to a fully dynamic lighting model is gorgeous, alongside expanded post-processing and all the graphical goodies realised in Doom 2016 like motion blur, HDR bloom and temporal anti-aliasing.

That’s a lot of technical words and I only understand half of them, so I’d recommend checking out the video below for a full breakdown on how the game looks across all the major consoles right now – including PS4 Pro.

Press F to pay respects to Kinect

The Kinect is officially dead.

Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the add-on camera, and the device is listed as out of stock on the Microsoft store. I was surprised to learn that the little peripheral that couldn’t was actually the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history on its 2010 release.

A lack of support quickly dissipated interest, however, and bundling the annoying glorified webcam with every Xbox One (raising the price in the process) did nothing to rekindle enthusiasm.

MS will keep offering customer support, but support for the dev tools is unlikely at this point. And really, who wants to keep bothering making anything for the thing?

Microsoft talks the future of the Fable series

In March last year, British studio Lionhead was officially shuttered by Microsoft, and alongside it was the cancellation of Xbox and PC title Fable Legends.

This has left fans wondering if they ever will see another Fable game, or if that franchise is going to be left out in the cold to die a slow, agonizing death – like Half-Life.

That being said, Xbox boss Shannon Loftis has come out and said she’d love to see another outing for the series.

Fable Legends even had Reinhardt. Ahead of its time.

Fable is very near and dear to my heart,” Loftis said. “Actually one of the primary reasons [I moved to England] was to work with the team on Fable II. Fable Fortune is now out, the card game. We love the IP. I can’t talk right now about whether we’re doing anything with it or not, but if I ever get the chance to go back to Albion … ”

The whole “I can’t talk right now” may sound promising to some, but I’m less convinced on that front. That being said, Loftis has some actual sway in Xbox, and would be key in bringing back any franchise to the console. So do not abandon all hope yet.

Fable Legends’ cancellation was certainly a blow to many – the game was ambitiously hoping to live for ten years, and was to be free-to-play, with frequent updates and consistent support to get fresh content out that would keep players engaged.

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I had low expectations for Friday the 13th, but the multiplayer murder simulator has impressed me with its following and continued support. This new game mode, “Paranoia”, looks sweet, even though I have no idea what the hell it is.

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