PlayStation VR at Paris Games Week roundup

For the second year in a row I totally forgot that Paris Games Week was a thing. I suppose I should put it into my calendar to remind me, but it’s always something I remember to watch at the last minute. Thanks to Sony’s presence at the expo, PGW has become the third preferred destination for showcasing new games for Sony, and the second-last event of the year that Sony has lined up as we enter the holiday season. Let’s take a quick look at the PlayStation VR games Sony announced in its showcase.

Megalith (2018)

Launching in 2018, Megalith is an arena-type fighting game in the first person, where you battle as a titan against other titans to rule over the world as a god. Or something like that. Developed by Disruptive Games, the cell-shaded aesthetic is a nice stark contrast to the detail on the monsters themselves, and it already looks a bit surreal. Disruptive says that Megalith is technically a “shooter” game, and that it is built on a multiplayer mode that requires teamwork between the players against each other. Maybe it’s another entry into the 5v1 genre?

Check out the artwork as well. It’s really pretty!

Bow to Blood (2018)

Bow to Blood is a PS VR title that is basically the VR equivalent of Guns of Icarus Online. Players will command a ship together and fight off waves of enemies, or engage in combat with other players. It’s set for a 2018 release, and will probably require at least two players to commandeer a ship effectively.

Ultrawings (2017)

Ultrawings is sort of an arcade-like flight simulator, where you fly different aircraft and complete missions and challenges, and race against other players in an open-world sandbox. Currently available on the PC platform, the game has been ported to PSVR and it’ll pick up a few visual quality bumps along the way as well. Although the game is available now on the PC, it hasn’t received a launch date for the PS4 version yet.

Sprint Vector (2018)

Sprint Vector is a mash-up of rollerblading, parkour, a platforming game, and a sprinkle of the madness of the SSX series. The game will also be available on PC through Steam, and it supports cross-platform multiplayer… which means that this is the first PSVR title, and possibly the first PS4 game, that features crossplay.

Star Child (2018)

“Cinematic platformer” is something I never thought I’d use to describe a game, but that’s what Star Child is promised to be. Sony showed this off back in June, and the first trailer set the scene for the game world. Players will use the powers of Spectra to basically project herself into an astral plane to take control of nearby machinery and weapons.

Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero (2017)

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard can be played from start to finish in VR, which is quite an impressive feat for a game that plays equally well without a VR headset attached. This latest trailer is for an expansion called “Not a Hero”, which will be released for free to all players on 12 December 2017. I’ve yet to play RE7, but it looks like Capcom is taking the series in the right direction.

Dead Hungry (2017)

In Dead Hungry, you make burgers, fries, and milkshakes for hungry zombies. I mean, what else do you need to know about this game? Dead Hungry launches for PSVR today, 31 October.

Stifled (2017)

Stifled is a horror survival VR game where you navigate around the world using echolocation like Daredevil. As you move around the world, make noise, throw objects, or interact with the environment, you generate soundwaves that will reveal where objects are in the game world. The simple aesthetic and limited choice of colours makes it look extremely surreal. Stifled launches today, 31 October.

League of War: VR Arena

Tabletop board games in VR! League of War is a real-time strategy game that emulates a tabletop experience and mixes in tower defense gameplay to keep things interesting. The trailer shows off an interesting concept, where one player uses a PSVR headset and Move controllers, while the second player uses Move controllers and plays on the attached TV. Sony hasn’t figured out how to elegantly run more than one headset from the PS4 or PS4 Pro, so this is the only way you can have two-player content with VR.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis, and Monster of the Deep (2017)

So, like, has anyone realised that Final Fantasy is a weird, weird series? So it’s not just me?

Episode Ignis is an expansion for Final Fantasy XV, where players follow Ignis’s origins and see him both without glasses and cooking utensils. It looks pretty badass. Episode Ignis follows Episode Prompto and Gladiolus, which both had storylines dedicated to the character’s past. Episode Ignis launches on 13 December, while Monster of the Deep launches on 21 November. Both are playable with PSVR headsets.

Invector (2018)

First announced in 2015, Invector is a rhythm-based game that is visually very similar to Audiosurf. It features music by Aviici, and is 4K HDR compatible if you have a PS4 Pro and a 4K HDR TV. The game has suffered numerous delays as the development team reworked various parts of it, and it’s now ready for release sometime in early 2018.

Oure (2017)

Oure is a flying puzzle platformer where your character turns into a Japanese dragon and flies around completing obstacle courses, engaging in boss battles, and doing whatever else a boy who turns into a dragon at the drop of a hat would do. Oure is available today, 31 October.

Blood & Truth (2018)

Blood & Truth’s recipe would surely look like this: one pint of VR gameplay. A dash of Hitman- no wait, you’ve put too much Hitman in there. Take some out. Now add some The Getaway spice, but keep it light yet still very British. And bring out some of that maturing Time Splitters dough we’ve had lying in the pantry for years.

Somehow it all works in nicely and you end up with Blood & Truth, which looks quite impressive. I’ve been craving some The Getaway-esque gameplay for years, and this might fill the void. It’s also developed by Sony London Studios, using ideas and lessons learned from making the London Heist VR experience for PlayStation VR Worlds.