They’ve “fixed” the passing in FIFA 18, much to my dismay

FIFA 18 is my second favourite football game of all time – it slips in just behind FIFA 95 on the Sega Megadrive, I loved that game like it was my own flesh and blood. And a big part of why I love EA Sports’ latest offering is that for a change I’m actually quite good at it, after a few years on the trot of sucking at FIFA. This new patch might wipe the smile off my face though, as it focuses on ruining tweaking the passing game.

Apparently the passing game was too easy – I think you kids call it buffed? And now it’s been nerfed? Am I saying it right? With the sexily-titled FIFA 18 Title Update 3, passes in many instances will have reduced speed and accuracy. So, yes, they’ll be a bit… messi. Oh yeah, I went there, people.

There’s more to the patch, including a number of goalkeeper adjustments and then the usual assortment of bug fixes too. You should have a look at the full change log on the official page for the details, because you might soon see yourself hoofing passes into the countryside if you’re not careful.